We’re a passionate, tech-driven, eclectic group of people.

We see a world where the risk is removed from customer acquisition. In this world, you enjoy complete transparency into the myriad ways you find them — across sources, channels and verticals. Finding your customers should be a sophisticated yet simple process.
We’ve built the PX platform to be your indispensable ally in making suggestions, correcting mistakes, and predicting the outcomes you’ll achieve. We’re about transparency and trust. You can trust in our platform and technology, because with PX, transparency is priority number one.
— Our Story

Innovators by nature;
pioneers out of necessity.

PX was founded in 2010 as ReviMedia by two demand-gen experts and best friends. Frans and Bas began with a mission to deliver best-in-class customer acquisition solutions to marketers. Overcoming the obstacles of an arcane, opaque, and highly-fragmented industry, they built a thriving business and continued to invest in technology. That near decade-long experience and investment resulted in the PX platform and a new corporate identity: PX. The focus and solution have evolved, but the mission continues unchanged.

Our team is now more than 50 people,
from 7 nations in 4 offices across the globe.

New York

Management Team

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Close more customers with ease.

PX is the leading platform for Customer Acquisition, offering you a full solution to grow your business sustainably and at scale.