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Meet Anh Speer

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder @ iFame Media

Tell us about the department that you manage/ tell us about your company

iFame Media is a technology and marketing firm that specializes in lead technology enablement. I manage the teams associated with technical implementations, integrations and similar for lead generation processes among other focal points.

Tell us about what your job entails

My job requires me to review the overall requirements for lead generation process of each client and come up with the best possible architecture/implementation or integration strategy for the lead generation process. I also recommend/decide on what technologies to use and come up with the detailed plan of how to implement the process depending on the needs of each client. I’m a hands-on person so I get my hands dirty a lot of the time in working with the implementation of large projects.

How did you get started in the internet marketing industry?

I started in internet technology industry with AOL in 2000. I worked in different areas of technologies, from the data warehouse to billing, e-commerce, to advertising technology. My diversified technology background enables me to look at technical implementations for lead generation firms, making the connections work while bringing enterprise level concepts to the table.

What is the biggest challenge in lead gen for iFame?

The biggest challenge in lead gen for iFame is choosing the best option from multiple available technologies and implementing the processes in the most cost-effective way to meet the needs of clients. This all needs to be done while improving the overall lead generation process and quality of leads delivered. We must also consider ease of maintenance. This requires us to do a lot of research/evaluation/prototyping in advance to make sure we do it right for the clients. Putting all this together means helping clients understand the complexity of the industry and helping them avoid the pitfalls of a slapped together process vs. one that was well defined.

What does it take to run a successful lead generation campaign?

To run a successful lead generation campaign, we need to make sure all little details are implemented correctly. From sending all data fields and passing the right parameters between different systems to capturing all necessary parameters helping with lead validity. The small stuff can kill campaigns, details matter!

What does a quality prospect look like to you?

A quality prospect is the one that wants to implement a lead generation process in the right way and does not want to sacrifice quality for a quick buck.

What strategies work best to convert leads into clients?

The higher quality/score on a lead, the higher the probability that a lead will become a client. My strategy is to implement the best lead generation process that delivers the highest quality/score leads, then the rest will take care of itself.

Tell us about your campaign optimization process?

We periodically analyze the data and review the process flow to identify areas/steps that need to optimize. We then implement necessary additional steps or modify the process flow to improve those specific areas. We implement A/B testing to make sure we utilize the best options for optimization.

What have you done in the past year to help better monetize your lead generation activities?

To help better monetize lead generation activities, we constantly find ways to improve the lead generation process and the lead flow, from capturing leads to delivering to the buyers. We also listen to client/partner feedback and try to improve on those areas.

How do you stay ahead of changes in martech/technology?

We constantly educate ourselves. We review market trends, evaluate new technologies, study success cases in specific technologies so that we can implement them better for future clients.

What role does PX play for iFame? (ie where does it fit into your tech stack, who do you integrate with us, have we changed any or maybe eliminated processes for you)

We have helped many clients to integrate their lead generation process with PX. PX is a fast and efficient lead platform for capturing and delivering leads with enterprise level flexibility and the ability to meet the needs of our clients.

Can you explain how you work with PX?

For some clients, we help to integrate their lead generation front end with PX platform and setting up/managing lead delivery within PX. For other clients, we help them with building the entire lead generation process, from creating verticals, defining forms/fields for integrating with PX and setting up buyers/filters/rules for lead delivery. We also help clients with building customized tools to work with PX platform.

“PX lead scoring and reporting features allow us to review lead quality and see the areas that we do well or the areas that need improvement, thus we can continue to improve ROI.”

Let’s Get Deep! What is one of the most important lesson that you learned in your career?

The most important lesson that I’ve learned is that no matter how difficult and complex it is, don’t shortcut the solution. If we take the right approach and research time, we can deliver a technology solution that creates results and efficiently creates a business that will continue to grow for a long time.