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On the Barrelhead
Helps consumers get better debt outcome by using data to identify opportunities to refinance.

Meet Joe Fahr

Head of Marketing @ On the Barrelhead

Tell us about what your job entails

I am a co-founder of the company, so end up wearing many hats. I tend to lean more towards marketing and product work though.

I am a co-founder of the company, so end up wearing many hats. I tend to lean more towards marketing and product work though.

About 10 years ago, I began working with the largest direct response marketing firm in the wealth management industry. Funny enough, I started in direct mail, print and radio advertising before transitioning into analytics and digital.

What is the biggest challenge in-demand marketing?

I think it’s challenging staying innovative in your message and target consumers, without straying from the central identity of your business. Being consistent while keeping it fresh is crucial when you start to see the scale, and it can be difficult for brands to toe that line.

What does it take to run a successful lead generation campaign?

Above all it takes data and the ability to garner insight from that data. You need to have a good understanding of who your target audience is, where they are, and when they are ready to make a buying decision. To scale, you need to have a lot of data and information to do a great job.

What does a quality prospect look like to you?

Overall, I’d call a quality prospect someone who has a need for the product that your selling and is ready (or close to ready) to make a buying decision. For us specifically at On the Barrelhead, a fantastic prospect is someone who is looking for a loan right now and also has outstanding debt that may be at a higher interest rate than they deserve. Frequently these are people that were targeted by predatory lenders or may have recently seen increases in their credit score which makes them eligible for better loans than they may have had in the past.

“PX makes my life easier which is priceless!”

What strategies work best to convert leads into clients?

Consistency and personalization. Particularly if you’re in an industry with a longer sales cycle you need to be in front of your target at the moment they are ready to buy. But, you can’t keep hammering people with generic, uninteresting content. Personalization, data and speaking to people in a way that feels specific to them is crucial to staying top of mind without becoming annoying.

Tell us about your campaign optimization process?

We start at the top of the funnel and work my way down to understand what’s working and where to improve. Different parts of a campaign can be optimized at different speeds, which usually dictates where we spend our time. For example, we can learn very quickly what the clickthrough rate on a creative is, but understanding the conversion quality of a particular media source may take a bit longer.

What have you done in the past six months to help better monetize your lead generation activities?

We’ve focused heavily on diversifying our traffic sources, and our lead monetization partnerships. The more diversity we have in our business the lower our risk and the higher our value.

What role does PX play for On the Barrelhead?

PX allows us to be more flexible with how we monetize our leads. We used to work with one API partner. Using PX we are able to work with multiple APIs and handle the logic on the front end, making us agiler.

Let’s Get Deep! What is one of the most important lesson that you learned in your marketing career?

BE BOLD. And go for gold! If you hold back or don’t take risks, you won’t be nearly as successful as someone who does.