Because you want the smartest way to find new customers.

The PX platform was developed with more than a decade of experience to address the core needs of performance marketers in their quest to find new customers.


With PX, buyers clearly see the source of every lead, down to the individual URL, and with visibility of the actual forms being completed. This helps buyers properly screen leads, eliminates waste, and helps assure that those leads haven’t been sold to countless other buyers.

Source Management

PX helps you to manage more sources for leads. And managing more sources has a clear correlation with success when it comes to reaching ROI goals. So whether your need is to test new opportunities, manage the complexity of dozens of sources in multiple campaigns, or simply to improve the effectiveness of an existing relationship, PX can increase your insights and returns and decrease your time spent generating them.


Creating your own program with multiple sources can be a repetitive and anxiety-ridden process. PX eliminates that stress by offering full control over TCPA, empowering industry best-practices for compliance management.

Go ahead. Apply campaign Filters based on Jornaya Intelligence (Lead ID) Triggers and Flags, including “stale” lead, mismatch/absent TCPA disclosure, or inconspicuous TCPA disclosure on site. Each lead coming through PX get extensively verified by multiple verification partners.


The best marketers assert control with programmed pricing strategies based on attributes, past performance, and lead availability at any given time. PX empowers buyers with insights and tools to determine which consumer leads to acquire and to buy ONLY those leads. You can filter based on any combination of attributes and also set caps, deploy day-parting, and set precise budgets per-campaign or per-source to control lead pacing into your sales funnel.


This is performance marketing. For marketers, our role is to find your customers, because acquiring leads is only a means to an end. And to that end, we’ve built the PX platform to focus upon connecting the back-end of your sales funnel to the front-end — with continuous visibility of performance. And data shows that this visibility into campaigns can increase success by 2-3x. We call that high performance.

See What You’re Missing!

Most buyers continually improve their processes and effectiveness, but research shows they’re less sure that the leads they buy are more effective. PX gives greater control over lead buying campaigns and provides a new level of transparency that removes risk. Wouldn’t you like to see how?